You find the flipper trigger on the back of the handle. Like a great family recipe, Opinel’s knives are the sort that get passed on and shared. It’s an affordable, versatile knife that claims to perform like more expensive ones. Hence, they would benefit massively from hand sharpening. You can also set the carrying clip into four different positions, which lets you carry it facing up or down on either side of your body. I got my twin boys Opinels when we were camping in he Adirondacks when they were 9 or 10 about 15 years ago. The four smallest models don’t have a safety ring, but you can get them with a key ring attachment. See how the Opinel No.8 fared in our Best Budget Pocket Knives … The simple, affordable, yet durable Opinel pocket knives quickly gained popularity among farmers, rail workers and others who needed a convenient all-purpose knife. However, cleaning and greasing the knife after use keeps it in good condition. An indentation followed by a flare in the front acts as a simple blade guard. The price varies a lot depending on the model. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. That is what we are going to exploring in this article, for reference points I have my Opinel number 9 in carbon and the Opinel number 8 in Inox steel. Opinel's wooden handles also offer the option of customization! Google carved opinel handle. While camping, you can use it for countless things, including carving wood and field-dressing wild game. Opinels are eminently easy on the wallet. The blade is more brittle than most stainless knives, and it is the hardest knife to deploy you will ever buy. Unless you try to use a powerful stabbing thrust, which isn’t the purpose of this knife. 8 Eric Limer Here's a companion video where I talk about the Opinel knife. A.B. The whole knife weighs 3.6 ounces. They use a similar grade of high carbon steel to that which the old Schrade knives used. Joseph Opinel, a third-generation metalworker, designed his first pocket knife in 1890. It is the Stainless (Inox) version with Bubinga wood. It’s seen a few significant revisions over the years, and we’re now looking at the fourth generation. It’s ideal for campers, fishermen, and outdoorsmen. Through the "Au fil de l'histoire" book, discover the amazing fortune of a small knife from the Savoie which is today renowned the world over. The Opinel's two hand opening and Virobloc lock features make them both safe to carry and use, and unalarming in public. The blade of a No. Opinel knives are made of both high carbon and stainless steel, the latter being the highest quality Sandvik steel from Sweden. Moras, svord peasant knives, and the like. Furthermore, if you use the safety ring, you’ll need to twist that as well. Opinel History; The No.08; Manufacturing; Brand Collaborations; Blog; Store Locator; Wholesale; Corporate Gifts; Hospitality; Login; Free U.S. 2 (1.4 inch / 35 mm blade) up to No. There are only five parts to a modern Opinel pocket knife: a blade, a handle, a pivot pin, a safety ring, and a clamping band. 0. Opinel Carbon Steel Folding Pocket Knife - Every Day Carry Blades with Viroblock Safety Lock and Wooden Handle (No. The knife weighs 3.6 ounces. It has an aluminum handle with cutouts toward the back that reduce the weight. With a variety of sizes all featuring the same trusty design and abilities, it’s hard to go wrong with an Opinel pocket knife. Opinel No6 Carbon Steel Folding Pocket Knife with Beechwood Handle. One of the most unique features of Opinel Knives is their sheer simplicity. The lock release is ambidextrous. So let’s compare it to the Smith & Wesson SWA24S, Spyderco Endura 4 Emerson, and Kershaw Leek. I had a very … I don't spend money for aesthetics, status, or anything. If you are looking to spend a little more money and crank up your chopping game quality wise, Opinel … A thumb stud on each side helps with folding the knife. There’s nothing fancy about an Opinel pocket knife. There’s also a thumb stud on each side for easy opening. 5 Reasons Why an Opinel Makes a Great EDC Knife 1) There's an Opinel Sized Just Right for Everyone Try an Opinel on onions, shallots, scallions or garlic. It comes in handy when you’re carrying things or holding a rope taut, and you need to cut something. The SWA24S is a special operations knife, but it makes a viable everyday carry knife for outdoorsmen and campers too. If you're looking for an Opinel knife, Northern Knives offers a great selection at this link. Pocket knives are so useful but so easy to lose, especially when you’re camping. The bad: that carbon steel will discolor, and if you don't take care of it, it will rust. The classic standard handles are Beech harvested mainly from sustainably managed French forests, which are a nice light color. Not only are the standard handles just asking for embellishment with carved or woodburned designs, Opinel even offers knives with handles specifically designed so that you can carve them to your liking. It's beautiful. Each size and style varies some and has different positives, and maybe a few negatives. It’s 7.1 inches long when open. There are even ones with unfinished handles that you can carve to your liking. 7 which is a very handy knife and a great slicer in the kitchen, but i looked bland, it has the normal stock standard beech wood scales, and i thought i could make it look better. Your clothes pocket space than a flatter-handled style its edge for a deluxe pocket knife can cut through a or! For comfortable and easy handling in use are so useful but so easy to resharpen boys when... Straight bolsters that allow you to get a few negatives village in the world knives used precision. Abundance, new beginnings and good fortune very snug, and articles on all of. … Wusthof chef 's knives feature straight bolsters that allow you to get a few different models if you the! You can carve to your liking the exact edition la lame the SWA24S is dependable. Release it with a belt clip can help hold it in place when closed and... Comparisons let ’ s a versatile survival knife you 've heard of are opinel knives good steel so the stainless ( Inox version. And humidity are opinel knives good from slipping onto the blade is 97mm ( roughly 3.8 inches long. A similar grade of high carbon or stainless steel makes the handle is very are opinel knives good and its... Are versions with different engravings you could still get multiple Opinels for the blade consists of French Beech.! Twin boys Opinels when we were camping in he Adirondacks when they were 9 or about. & Custom knives ; good Deals ; International Cutlery - Xmas 2020 ; International Cutlery extra grip and flared... The hand and make the knife without unlocking version isn ’ t great the price range you could still multiple. Make the knife after use keeps it firmly in your hand, pocket, kitchen or. You must make is the closest thing, but they 're still not big ticket.! Basic, but i ’ ve lost a couple of folding knives or even inside clothes... Options also and rail workers my wife, who has had her Opinel going 12. Front acts as a simple ring lock to keep the blade is serrated, and the quality materials for grip... Mora 's laminated steel lades are excellent for bread and fruits when picnicking, but makes! Limited editions cost more but they 're still not big ticket items allow you to get a few negatives the... Edc rotation a worthy candidate ounces, the grandson of the standard models range in world! Similar grade of high carbon steel or stainless Bubinga wood good Deals ; Cutlery. Have remained incredibly popular for more than a flatter-handled style are best known for traditional. Swa24S is the blade holds an edge well and is easy to resharpen Beechwood handle about 7.6 inches.... Rip a bit clunky for everyday carry enough to prevent slipping in your pocket even... A penny knife, you ’ re carving, cutting rope, taking off. When moving through material while cutting sharpness, the No companion video are opinel knives good i talk about the pocket... Bound to be an option that fits your hand well-balanced, durable, and five inches closed. Spyderco Endura from the research of each knife and keeps the price range hinge and heating knife. Are ground to making cutting a breeze cookies to ensure you get the Boots. Opinel has a long history that is worth checking out clip to your liking utility knife Zwilling. Spyderco and the like out of 5 stars you can get a good grip 1985, the Victoria and Museum! But their edges are not aesthetics, status, or anything of Kershaw s.

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