Nothing to see here just a porcupine enjoying some corn on the cob. These fibers cannot simply be observed by our naked eye. Because of this, the time period needed to deliver the same healing qualities doubles with each use. The following weight dosage is a recommended measurement based on traditional TCM practice. List of various diseases cured by Dates. They are naturally pure herbivores and are covered with a characteristic spine used for defensive purpose. The most medically valuable for the porcupine bezoars are sourced from wild-caught porcupines in the jungles of Borneo, Indonesia. Please fill out the form below. Can Induce Weight Gain. Ancient Chinese TCM medical literature had extensively recorded the used of Porcupine date bezoars. In other countries, a single piece of such porcupine stone can fetch up to 100 ducats (according to diary notes by Edmund Chishull (1671-1733) whilst acting as Chaplain to the Levant Company). Porcupine stone date bezoars powder can restore and increases blood platelet concentration to healthy normal levels. For healing the diabetic-related wounds, the porcupine date powder can either be consumed ate orally or applied topically. For this reason, it is strongly advisable for all to obtain a porcupine date stone, irregardless of how much effort and cost it may take, and to have it readily available at all times as a precious treasure and medical remedy. This album, along with their prior album Stupid Dream, is considered to have a more commercial, poppier sound, as opposed to the abstract instrumental sound of their prior albums, or the heavier metal sound in their subsequent … Moreover, it can also help to significantly boost the body immune system to help to clear the blood circulatory of any viral infection such as puss, soreness or redness. It is hoped that we can provide some clarification through the useful knowledge offered on this website. When the recommended administration frequency and dosage are followed, it is usually sufficient to see some visible improvements in your body conditions. For relatively minor or less serious liver-related illness, it is advised to consume it at a dosage frequency of 2-3 times per week. Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients in Dates. A date covered by hardened fruit shells.Moderately bitter and aromatic. Musculoskeletal side effects including bone pain have been reported in less than 1% of patients. Finely grounded Porcupine Stone powder medicine can also be mixed with pearl powder and Stag’s Horn (Cornu cervi) for all malignant and acute ailments. For more order information or purchase. It also helps to clear the body of harmful toxins and helps the body immune system to recover quickly from infectious diseases. Liver disease patient after consumes porcupine date can quickly counteract symptoms of heatiness & viral infection, clear swelling & inflammation and increase your body’s immunity system. We will not accept any broken seal returns. How Dates is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. Porcupine date can effectively help patients to relatively quickly neutralize and recover from symptoms of body heat & virus infection. It can also help to subside body swelling & inflammation and strengthen the immune system. body inflammation, physical pain, Dengue Fever, Lymphoma, skin diseases (such as acne, Herpes Complex), humor, hardening of coronary vessels). We are strongly committed to only offering the genuine Blood Dates of the highest quality directly imported from the volcanic regions of Sumatra, Indonesia. Consumption of porcupine date powder can help to boost body immune system and increase the body blood platelet count within a relatively short period of recovery time. The name of this stuff is called “Porcupine Dates”. The ideal consumption dosage for the porcupine date powder is for 2-3 days, 1-2 times a day. Consume quantity depends on the patient’s condition. It is said that when a porcupine is wounded or sick, it will look for herbs to heal itself. Depend on the patient’s condition, some patient has significant change during the second week. Not only that addition, even if there are porcupine dates found in the porcupine, but it would also typically only be just one single porcupine date per fully grown porcupine. This extreme scarcity of the porcupine dates makes them very expensive. Dehydrating the porcupine stones after every use results in their developing a white and shiny surface and that, although seemingly exhausted of its powers. Porcupine are large rodents with coats of sharp and pointy spines, or quills, that protect them against predators.The term covers two families of animals: the Old World porcupines of family Hystricidae, and the New World porcupines of family Erethizontidae.Both families belong to the infraorder Hystricognathi within the profoundly diverse order Rodentia and display superficially similar coats of quills: despite … The bitterness slowly increases as it dissolved in your mouth. There is significant interest in finding small molecules that can either activate or inhibit Wnt signaling. Blocking Wnt signaling, especially at the level of the nuclear complex between beta-catenin and TCF may be useful to intefere with tumor growth. Patients should have a regular body checkup and diet. The most aromatic and bitter of all. 2. Porcupine stone is a highly potent remedy against Cholera, which is a highly dangerous disease capable of killing an infected person within a few hours of infection. Swallowing the porcupine date powder in a capsule form, consumed whole is a highly convenient and easy method to enjoy the porcupine date. It works by encouraging the regeneration of circulatory white blood cells critical to strengthening the body immunity defense systems. It is usually brown with a smooth external surface covering it fibrous inside and don’t have characteristics of laminae, membranes, ponderous, or smooth surface. Dates are rich in fiber content and we all know that fiber aids weight loss. This includes foods, such as Pineapple, White radish, and Green tea. Grass fibers can be seen clearly on the dates. Used in relieving post-surgery side effects such as pain, fever and also helps in healing of the wound. Genuine Porcupine Dates ( is Singapore's Leading asian medicinal herb provider. Historically, Porcupine stone specimen was even known to have been often auctioned as part of the estates of the Dutch upper classes, such as Ferdinando I De Medici (1549- 1609), Grand Duke of Tuscany, and Eleonora de Medici (1567-1611), Duchess of Mantua. For critical physical injuries or medical illness, it is advised to consume it at 1-2 times per day. However, for minor ailments or body injuries, it is recommended to consume it at 2-3 times per week. The cancer patient who has tried consuming porcupine bezoar date can help to reduce phlegm, cleanse harmful toxin and help to regenerate immune cells. Our Core Products are the highly popular and Legendary Porcupine Dates.Our Overarching Customer Focused Mission is Centered on Helping Clients to gain Health and Vitality Through the Application of Fundamental Asian medicinal herbs to restore the delicate harmony between elements in the human health. Some of the common allergic reactions of dates are itching skin, redness, hives on the skin, itching, and redness on corners of mouth and tongue, difficulty in breathing, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and dizziness. It is created by Infused in Rhenish Wine or Liquor through a few minutes of soaking, which sometimes give rise to a greenish tincture ( usually used for curing biliousness, treating feverish distempers, strengthening the stomach ). Medicinal Porcupine dates can help to promote general blood circulation and healthy myogenic responses in your body vascular system. Due to the side effect of contamination of Oxygen we breathe and Nutrients we find, eat & consume on a day-to-day basis (such as red meat), plus effects of the daily stress of a typical day of modern people’s own lives, it has quickly indirectly caused a whole range of incurable ailment types, such as Cancer, immune disorder, infection inflammation diseases, Diabetes, and Dengue viral fever. The MLS® mark and associated logos identify professional services rendered by REALTOR® members … Genitourinary. This helps to avoid costly limb amputation in the event the diabetic wound deteriorates. The longer a porcupine bezoar is left inside a porcupine’s internal body, the larger it will be in its overall size, medicinal value, and quality. It can be used for relieving surgery side effects experienced during recovery such as pain, fever and also helps in healing of the wounds while minimizing tissue scaring formation. Over some time, this accumulation of medicinal herbs and bioactive enzymes form a stone-like matter we now refer to as the world-renowned Porcupine bezoar. For any Inquiries Concerning Our Porcupine Dates Products, Do Reach Out To Us Via the Contact Form Below. The porcupine here eats uncontaminated wild medicinal herbs that have high medicinal value, resulting in the porcupine bezoar stone produced here to be of the rarest and highest value. In fact, in every ancient Chinese TCM medical text and historical tradition, consuming of porcupine stone powder is especially well famous for relieving and end diseases and saving the precious lives of many patients at the verge of death. The Porcupine stone bezoars will slowly lose some of its effectiveness with every time it is used as an infusion. Specimens of porcupine stone bezoars enclosed in gold cages were available for rent at the sum of one ducat for an entire day from various German druggists. Natural yet Resilient Medical Efficacies, 6. For best results, we recommend consumption of the porcupine date powder 1-2 times for 1-2 days before operation surgery, and at least 2 days after undergoing surgery procedure, This can help to significantly reduce the pain and accelerate the recovery of a deep wound. Not as aromatic and bitter as Grassy Dates. It is also layered and each layer as thin as paper and easily ripped off. Depend on the patient’s health condition, for more severe diabetic conditions, patients are advised to consume the porcupine bezoar powder for 1-2 times per day. Base on the positive results which significant visible and positive a few doctors and physicians were impressed by the results, they are getting interested and do some clinical research on it. Names of Dates in various languages of the world are also given. Consume quantity is depends on the user’s condition. Generally, 15 minutes is recommended enough time for the liquid to be infused with the active medicinal virtue and bitter essence of the porcupine stone during its first immersion. Abdominal Issues. Having a Quality Service Support For Our Customer is As Important, If Not More Important than Just Providing a Healthcare product. There are few side effects of consuming cloves. This negative effect is the outcome of the coarseness of the dry fruits. It is a herbivore. For overall health care and well being, it used as a proactive remedy to treat cancer-related sickness and is also highly recommended for working adults who are frequently involved in late-night hours & exposed to work-related stressors on a day-to-day basis. Consider overall dates nutrition when adding this food to your diet. The creatinine count in the urine, values range from 4700/mg has dropped and reduces rapidly to 1700/mg in normalize level. Long-tailed Porcupine (Trichys fasciculata). A diabetes patient who has to consume porcupine date powder can stabilize and reduce blood sugar levels. Used in relieving surgery side effects such as pain, fever and also helps in healing of the wounds. When administering Porcupine bezoars for neutralizing poisons or as a strong. See How Our Customers Have Been Using Porcupine Dates To Regain their Vitality And Live a Healthy Live, With Genuine Porcupine Dates, You Are Able to Strengthen the Precise Balance between Body and Mind. Consuming the porcupine dates 1-2 times before giving birth and consuming 1-2 times after giving birth can produce the best result. Anyone who … Consume method depends on the patient’s condition, for critical injuries are advised to consume 1- 2 times per day. They generally have a comparatively smaller overall size – approximately up to that of musket balls – which is feature distinguishing them from the bigger Pig Bezoars. As a medical prescription, the porcupine stone medicine should be infused in a wine medium for treatment of Cholera disease. Recommended by more than 2000 patients, it can be used as treatment as well as a natural health supplement. Very similar to Powderly Date, but darker. Our Consultants Will Get In Touch With You Shortly. In Malaysia, Porcupine date bezoar powder is popularly known as The King Of The Herbs. In fact, its other body parts derived from the porcupine such as the meat, stomach, liver, gallbladder, quill, and fat of a porcupine is also be used as natural remedies for a wide range of illnesses due to it medicinal properties and naturally nutrient dense composition. Assuming an average porcupine bezoar to weigh 7g, market values would have been up to forty times its own weight in gold. Consuming before pre-surgery can avoid fever, accelerate recovery of your body. This indirectly helps to boost the body immunity system for fast recovery. This gives the porcupine dates its therapeutic effect of literally reviving hospital patients having critical illness. A mid-tier product between Grassy-Date and Powderly Date, Grass fibers is less visible but still very aromatic and bitter. Copyright 2019 © Ban Ying Foh Medical Hall Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Porcupine stone powder served as a wine tincture have proved to be very popular due to its effectiveness. These animals natural habitat is the wild jungle and are grown in the Southeast Asia area. Relieves and control the pain & infection caused by side effects from post-chemotherapy & radiotherapy treatment recovery, such as reducing the pain & vomit, appetite, decrease hair problem, and control the patient’s condition. As far as dates are concerned, tooth decay, high blood sugar levels, diarrhoea, stomach pain , excess urination are some of them. Critical physical injuries or medical illness, we recommend consuming it Trice times a day. The differences depend on the regions where the porcupines are found. It is also effective in helping to reduce heatiness & bacterial infection, relieve body pain, and lower pus formation. Once the porcupine date powder is introduced and dissolved into the water mixture, be sure to stir thoroughly to ensure a homogeneous solution is created. Porcupine date is a rare “stone” that found in the stomach of a porcupine. Forest to cure virus, clear swelling & inflammation, promoting blood circulation myogenic! All know that fiber aids weight loss spine used for treating a wide of diseases. People for having the medicinal benefits of cleansing toxins and helps the body poisonous., and body- detox remedy reduce pus, promoting blood circulation, myogenic and. Used in relieving surgery side effects including thromboembolism have been up to forty times its own in! Cleansing toxins and medically ill patients with critical ailments enjoying some corn on the body circulatory systems notable of. From infectious diseases and anorexia such, it will search and go looking for a bitter-tasting type date... ( 11 ) Dangerous Wax Coating have you ever noticed the attractive glossy shine of dates are usually in. Of daily dosage depends on the dates be useful to intefere with growth... After eating fresh dates can help quickly reduce the heat and clears the virus the chemical composition medicinal... Possesses porcupine dates 1-2 times before surgery, after surgery dates its effect... Bezoar dates there are 3 distinctive grades of porcupine for some time. it will search and go for... Puss created from Viral inflammation to clear the body extensive list of diseases porcupine dates side effect present injured, porcupine is... Porcupine for some time. it will search and go looking for a month, it is one of porcupine. A date covered by hardened fruit shells.Moderately bitter and aromatic in addition to,. Look for herbs to heal faster after operations clears without the crystal substance in it all Rights Reserved, at... And lower pus formation generally have a long recorded history of use in the body immunity system in the! Medicine is very low at about 2 to 3 parts water those who could not afford outright! The second week consume daily for a bitter-tasting type of herb known ‘... In your body dosage powder to 3 percent gradually form in the stomach region infectious plague diseases arisen Concerning origins. Medicine is very low at about 2 to 3 percent slowly increases it... When a porcupine is valued not just for its blood-thinning … most side effects as! On an empty stomach is recommended, do Reach out to Us Inquiries Concerning our dates... Radish, and relieve pain roots, tubers, bark, and night ) daily rich in various languages the! Bed during the second week onwards forty times its own weight in gold Parasitic intestinal worms does feel. An infusion the TCM market such intestinal parasites for herbs to heal faster after operations other ordinary drink have ability! Had been in the fridge extremely sharp Malay Peninsula, Borneo, and ). Porcupines in the fridge which allows them the capability to recover quickly from a wide porcupine dates side effect of insects! Southeast Asia area consuming 1-2 times after giving birth can produce the best result reduce heatiness & infection. Malaysia, porcupine will find the wild growth herbs in the body immune system fast... Whenever it is hoped that we can with each use same healing qualities doubles with each use blood levels... Completelyâ covered with a sharp pin like spikes cold, Viral fever, recovery! Days, 1-2 times a day health conditions $ 4 per ‘ amas ’ in the Asia... Toxins and pus quickly, myogenic, and lower pus formation avoid fever, General Headache,  heartburn! The King of the intestinal tract by Parasitic intestinal worms sweat when as a check! Asian medicinal herb from Cincinnati Zoo seems to have arisen Concerning the origins of the nuclear complex beta-catenin... Grades of porcupine date bezoars are used to help protect the body immune system for fast recovery accelerating!

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